Through The Eyes Of The Innocent

by Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident

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Croatian’s brightest hardcore meets punk rock clique DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT are back again, this time with their third full length effort Through The Eyes Of The Innocent. No matter how many punk records you have in your collection, or how many hardcore shows you witnessed, once you hear this album you will feel like a novice, slack-jawed, as if it’s the first punk album you have ever heard. Just think of the blasting power and emotions Boy Sets Fire have to offer and a good old punk rock spirit Hot Water Music dole out and spice it all up with Descendents’ charm and atmosphere and you might get a lil picture of what DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT’S latest album is all about.


released June 5, 2006



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Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident Osijek, Croatia


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Track Name: Watch Him Fall
Her father raped another sister, and he said it was her fault. Now she’s thinking when the bastard is going to get his fair share of life of drugs and alcohol? Just to watch him fall. When I saw you, you weren’t looking like you used to. Bad days, bad place. Her depression gets closer with him. When I saw you, all I could do is wish you better days and better place… and just to watch him fall.
Track Name: Waste Of My Time
You, me and TV… Bed, beer and movie… I fell for your lifestyle. I’m your slave now. But now things are different. I’ve lost my best friend, my life companion… I’ve lost my angel. And I’ve been sober for days now, nothing fun. It’s time to put my weapons down. I’m giving up. This is just a waste of my time. I’m giving up. My life’s just waste of my time…
Days passing, pretty… You left me memories. Christmas in city! Games we played at the movies. I left you nothing. Just pain and suffering. Nothing! Because I’m nothing! And I’ve been sober for days now, nothing fun. It’s time to put my weapons down. I’m giving up. This is just a waste of my time. I’m giving up. My life’s just waste of my time…
Heaven knows I trust you. Heaven knows that I trust in you. I’ve always trusted in little you. I’m praying that I’m good enough. That I’m good enough for little you.
Track Name: Mouth Full Of Blood
Little children with broken youth, with broken bottles, heads, drunk fathers. Little boys left on their own. A little girl in the corner weeping “oh, it’s not my fault...”
Dirty faces and hungry mouths. The coldest days are welcomed with tears in their eyes. Rainy streets on winter nights. Another perfect night for sleeping outside…
If I fall asleep don’t wake me up. Please do so. Don’t wake me up. I want to miss this all.
“Don’t leave me pregnant!”, “Please Daddy don’t!”, another cry, another abortion. Dirty thoughts in father’s head. The blood has left the stench of misery…
Track Name: Thank You
Hold my hand. Lend me your shoulder to dry my tears before I’m through with this life… before I’m over. Because without you… I am through.
Every night I cry myself to sleep, I make two beds, but they stay empty… only leaving the smell of your hair. And little by little it fades out just like me… only leaving the memory of you. Thank you. All I’m saying is thank you. The dedication… the care… the detail...
Thank you.
For every breath of yours that I’ve filled my lungs with I’m grateful in so many ways now. And little by little it fades out just like me… only leaving the memory of you. Thank you. All I’m saying is thank you. The blood… the pain… all in vain…
Thank you.
All the whispers in my ears are like an angel breathing.
I reject it all and get back to the start. Refuse to be what I’m not and embrace the person you are. I reject it all and get back to the start. Refuse to be what I’m not and embrace what you are so I can close my eyes and open my heart.
Track Name: Lajavo Pseto
What the fuck!? I’m drawing a fucking blank here. Are we supposed to live in fear? Do we trust the murderers for fucking four more years of slavery? Have we fallen for their promises? Have we fallen for people with guns in their hands, beating their chests? A fucking four more years of slavery… I never thought we’d be so dumb. Fuck! I thought we cared a little bit more. I thought we’re ready to recognize a four more years of mockery. Disappointment! Embarrassment!
I never thought we’d be so dumb. Wait a second! Stop and think again… just for a second.
Track Name: Guilty Conscience
Honestly, it’s killing me. It’s killing me. Honestly. What have I done? What have I become? Is this new me? It can not be?!
Nothing left for me. I’ve left me bleeding here. Nothing for me… I’ve left me bleeding. Everything is upside down and I’ve been down since this began. This mind is really not mine. It’s just there to fuck with me, my heart. And I’ve left me bleeding with it. I’m not that smart.
There’s no place like home. Now I know and I don’t want to go.
Track Name: Marionette
Minutes before we were born our lives were already written. And everyone lived as they were told… But she didn’t listen. She didn’t listen. Not at all... Preparing yourself for the fall, makes no sense at all.
When Marionette torn up her strings, she started to sing, she started to breathe. The world was on its knees by the beauty that she started to spread like a disease.
Track Name: River Of Bodies
Wreck in progress?! Or should they be locked in prison? To world, the murders. To you just side effect. To you just something “you did for your country”. And to cover up the mess, you just wave your fucking flags.
Innocence is falling down with you.
You wear a mask of soldier to cover up your fears and nightmares. Better soldier, less of the man.
You are self obsessed and I could never understand you, you sow death by your hand?! Those are people, you monster!
Innocence is falling down with you.
The innocent are falling down by you.
Track Name: Burdened
You can’t wash blood of off your hands. No prayer can do that. You can’t redeem for all of your sins. What’s done is done my friend. I change. You change. New day rising. You can’t sell prayers and rules to hungry, ill and poor. You call it God’s love but you can’t fool me, I’m no fool. I change. You change. New day rising.
Living on prayers for sick children and the sons in the army. They search for hope but you give them nothing instead. Breastfeed the criminals and shelter all the murderers. I could have sworn I heard the bells ringing for the dead. You never meant well so stop searching for the enemy. Hasn’t the past taught you anything? Blood is still red! I throw the Bible in your face, searching for the better sense. I’ll never trust you. I’ll never trust you my friend. Blood is still red, and you are the one who is burdened.
Track Name: World Through Pink Glasses
…and I got no friends. You are my only friend. I got nothing. You are my only thing. Precious days are over. I lost hope for a brand new day. I lost it all away.
Keep telling me lies. I won’t be surprised. I’m used to it, I guess. I guess it’s alright. No argues, no fights. I’m used to it, I guess. I guess it’s been known, because I’ve already been shown world through pink glasses.
(First few years I’ve been living in a dreamland, I’ve been blind with eyes wide open, it’s no secret. Mess through pink glasses.)
Track Name: Now I Lose
I have no feelings lately. Nothing. I’m bored. I’m bored to death and I’m neither sad nor happy. Nothing. I’m just bored. Bored to death and you’re gone.
Breathing deeply, dying completely. Last heartbeat, I am gone.
Nothing said, nothing done. I don’t believe we’re having fun. Nothing much, nothing new. Now I lose.